June 2010 - June 2012

Friday, July 30, 2010


Monday, July 26, 2010

Escanaba is great! We live with members Sister Schmidt and her husband is the branch president. It's just a small little branch and the church building is super small it's actually pretty dang cute. Haha. Sister Schmidt is way too nice and her and a member named Tommy Chicago are who make Escanaba the best area in the mission. Tommy was baptized about ten years ago and he has no teeth but he is the funniest guy i have ever met. He takes us out to lunch or dinner a lot and takes us out of town a lot for like district meetings and stuff. His family is Catholic and his niece got baptized last week and we went with him to Catholic mass and the infant baptism and it was so awkward being there. They didn't have the spirit there at all. The investigators here are awesome. We just got dropped the other day by someone but we've been working with a lady since i got here and her baptismal date is next week on August 1st. She is so ready and getting so excited for it. It's been so amazing watching her life just take a huge turn. She has been so happy lately and she's been coming to church including last week when Elder Hofmeister and i gave a talk. It was good because i talked about the Book Of Mormon because we had 6 investigators at church so i picked something that would be best for them. I never thought i could actually give a talk for 23 minutes haha. Well that's what's new in Escanaba Michigan. PEACE!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dane's email's

Just to update you all Jacob is done with the M.T.C. and has been in his first area for nearly a week.

(First Email)
Hey what's hangin? How are things going? How's everyone doing?
Well i think they emailed you but just to let you know where i'm serving is in the Upper Peninsela in Escanaba Michigan. Everything here is so green and it's just so beautiful here. We are right off the great lake here. My companion is from Calgary Oberta Canada and he is so sweet. Elder Hofmeister. Well the library just told us that they're closing so we are going to try and find another computer so i'll talk to ya in a little bit.

(Second Email)
It's funny we woke up at 530 and went and played basketball with a bunch of creepy men and then at 9 me and Elder Hofmeister went golfing with two members and it was so fun. We golfed 18 holes and i shot a 169 which sucks but it could have been worse. But i did start to get pretty dang good at the end. We were golfing for 6 hours. We are about an hour from Greenbay and we were gonna go there for pday today but we didn't. We did drive through there from Milwaukee and saw the field and it was pretty cool because it's the biggest building there because it's like surrounded by farms, and one of the members we were golfing with is a huge packers fan and was all mad at me for being a cards fan because of the last time we played them.

4655 17th Road
Escanaba, MI 49829

I know Jacob truly appreciates the support that he continually gets from you all.

I'll keep you posted.