June 2010 - June 2012

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Allen Family

Hey guys how are you all doing? I'm doing great! I'm having a blast and I'm learning so much here. And eating so much. Brian's right, I'm totally gonna gain some weight but only in the MTC because it's all you can eat every meal of the day and it's pretty good food. Although it does give me really bad gas and it makes my companion mad. Ü I'm trying so hard to get along with my comp.
I definitely got it tough for my first one because he's like psycho. He would probably wear my skin to a B-Day party. HaHa But anyways, my second day here I got called to be the District leader
and it's been a blast just doing that. I love my District and I think they love me. (I hope). But anyways I picked an awesome time to come to the MTC because this is the time when they train all the Mission Presidents and so there are Apostle's and General Authorities walking all around this place. I think we have President Monson speaking to us tomorrow. Well I gotta go take a dump so I'll talk to you all later and make sure you all write me!

Elder Patterson

P.S. Send me some good snacks, I feel left out in my District because I'm the only one that hasn't gotten anything. HaHa.

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