June 2010 - June 2012

Monday, November 8, 2010

Haha I'm ok it's not like I'm dying or something. I do have a huge jacket though but I haven't had to use it quite yet because it hasn't really been cold enough for it so I should be ok with that. I've just been sick because it rains a lot and the shoes I have, have a hole in the toe now and also they are not waterproof so that's why my feet are always wet and I'm just guessing that that's why I've been sick so much. I was actually stressing out because I didn't know what I was gonna do about the boots and I was afraid to ask for some because it seems like I'm always asking. Thanks though for those because I didn't know what I was gonna do. I am getting transferred though for sure and I won't know where I'm going until tomorrow. I'll be out of Escanaba though tomorrow at noon which I'm pretty sad about but it had to happen sometime right? I've been feeling pretty dang good though the past couple of days. All I have now is just a sore throat and a runny nose. And trust me, being sick hasn't gotten in the way of me having a lot of fun! I'm having a blast out here! I just wanna know where I'm being transferred to! Haha! Well I'll let ya go and just know that I am doing great out here and thank you so much for everything that you do! I love and miss you all and I will talk to you later!
Elder Patterson

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