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Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm doing good here in Kettle Moraine. My new companion is Elder Trusty and he seems to be a pretty trusty guy ha ha ha. I'm so funny! My last companion though got transferred up to Escanaba! I was so jealous because I loved serving in Esky, it's such an awesome area to be in! But so is Kettle Moraine. Although we did have kind of a slow week. We should have a much better week though this week I hope, oh and to top off my slow eek, I got a $90 ticket for going 35 in a 25!!! Sucks a bunch, but oh well. Other than that though, I'm doing great here. It's been warming up here and all the snow is almost gone, but it's supposed to snow again on Wednesday haha. What's crazy is that I've been in this area for 4 1/2 months which means I might be getting transferred in five weeks. You can never guess that though, but we'll see.
Well I will let you go because we gotta go to the Stake Center in Milwaukee to play some ball:) I love and miss you guys and hope you have a great week! Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Patterson

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