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Monday, October 4, 2010

Hey thanks for emailing me it was good to hear from you. That doesn't sound good with what's going on with grandma I hope they get it all figured out and stuff. I'll for sure fast with everyone and I'm glad you told me. I'll keep her in my prayers and keep me updated on the situation. Also see if you can find someone to go over and give her a priesthood blessing because she really needs that right now. See if Dane and Brian can run over and give her one or something. Thanks again for letting me know.
I'm doing good here and am keeping busy which is good. I'm still sick but I'm finally starting to feel much much better. I just can't get rid of my cough. My new companion Elder Kraus is from the Check Republic and is a great hard working missionary but he's completely different than my last companion which is taking some time to get used to. I'm the driver now which is really fun but not gonna be fun when it starts snowing because I really hate driving in the snow. Our truck has 4WD which is good though for the U.P. We are going to Green Bay today for a zone conference and I'm pretty excited for that.
Well I'll let you go and have fun in Texas and make sure you take lots of pictures of the baby and send them to me. Make sure you don't send any of her having it because I don't want to have nightmares ha ha. See ya later and I'll talk to ya later bye.
Love Elder Patterson

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