June 2010 - June 2012

Monday, June 27, 2011

How are things going? I'm assuming that Mom has already moved in with you? If so how is that going? Is she having any luck finding a job and somewhere to live? Let her know that I got her package last week and it really meant a lot to me. Tell her that she's got some good taste at picking out ties. I don't even think she was the one who picked them haha. I'm doing good, we are coming off of a colder week. It's been in the 50's this week and rainy, but today seems like it'll be a warm day. I started a new workout this week and it's been kicking my butt lol... We have interviews with President Jones tomorrow which is always fun, and we have zone conference next week... Well, I don't know what else is new out here. It's fun as usual. I love and miss you guys and pray fr you always. Have a great week! Love, Elder Patterson

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