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Monday, August 23, 2010

Family and Friends

Hey everyone! All is well here in Escanaba. We've been doing really well and this past week we had the State fair here in town. That alone was a huge succes because we had a booth set up for people to order anything they wanted like church movies or a Bible or of course a Book Of Mormon. We got a lot of people that ordered stuff so we are going to be going through those and delivering them to everyone. We also did a lot of walking around at the fair and talking to everyone. Our goal with that was to make sure everyone saw us. It was a way fun week but a way exausting week. We did that every single day all day long all week. Now we are gonna be doing a lot of tracting the next few weeks since we made sure everyone see us and now we'll get recognized by a lot of people. We also ran into people that weren't so pleasant like usual but it's always interesting to hear the arguments people have.

We have been teaching a few investigators that have been progressing and now after this past week we are probably going to have a few more once we visit those people. The members here are so good to us Elders and take such good care of us. Especially Tommy Chicago who justr gave a talk yesterday in church. It was about going through the Temple and it was perfect because we have been helping him get to the Temple and he said in his talk that it's like the Wizzard Of Oz because he's trying to get to Oz and he's got Elder Hofmeister which he called the Tin Man and me which he said that I'm the Scarecrow and he said that the Tin Man and the Scarecrow are helping him get there. It was a really cool way to put it.

I am loving the work that I'm doing and I'm working really hard out here. I love the members here and also the investigators that we have been teaching. I also love and miss all of you and am very thankful for all the support that I receive from you. I'll let you all go and will update you guys next week so hang tight now for another week. Bye!

Elder Patterson

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